Meet Our Team

Tory Burdick, CFA

Senior Associate, Investments

Sara Coelho, CPA

Senior Associate, Finance & Operations

Shannon Fake, CFA

Managing Director, Investments

Dominick Heratsch

Associate, Finance & Operations

Marty Hunt, IACCP

Director, Finance & Operations

Bryan Huntley, CPA

Managing Director, Finance & Operations

Ryan Kalkowsky, CFA

Director, Investments

Ashley Long, CFA

Managing Director, Investments

Chris Mackay

Managing Director, Client Service & Marketing

Jim Mallory, CFA

Managing Director, Investments

Chung Ng

Senior Associate, Client Service & Marketing

Anika Prakash

Associate, Investments

Kevin Rutherford, CMT

Director, Compliance & Legal

Jacob Salamy, CFA

Senior Associate, Investments

Vickie Sharp

Associate, Client Service & Marketing

Angus Wilton

Director, Investments

Ruiyi Zhang, CFA

Director, Investments

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