About 1607 Capital Partners

Why 1607?


We are dedicated to investing in closed-end funds and similar vehicles. All activities of the firm, from personnel decisions to systems integration, are tailored specifically to this specific segment of the investable universe.


The stable, yet growing, investment team has 130+ years of experience specific to the closed-end fund space.


In an industry increasingly dominated by a handful of outsized asset gatherers, we believe there is value in thinking differently and in the ability to adapt, making decisions solely in the best interest of our clients. For those reasons, 1607 is committed to remaining independent for the long term.


With a very manageable number of large institutional clients, we are able to provide an extremely high level of client service. Everyone at 1607 interacts with clients on some level and understands that the client always comes first.


Managing too much capital in a niche, less efficient market is always the enemy of returns. 1607 has specific guidelines to limit the amount of capital we manage across each of our strategies based on the size of the investable universe. A number of our strategies have been managed at, or near, these levels for years.

The History of 1607

Your capital deserves a trusted team and a clear strategy for reliable results

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